Things are shaping up.

Like all farmers we are super busy right now getting crops going.  The first batch of radishes are looking great.  Sadly, the arugula and carrots failed.  I think the wind dried out the carrot bed too much and the Arugula I planted “speedy” is slightly too small for the roller in the seeder, since only 5 plants came up in the whole bed!  I planted a new row of carrots, but this time I am covering the row for 5 days to keep the soil moist, I hope this works.  I also planted a row of Arugula, by hand this time, and covered it with row cover to keep the robins out, in case they had something to do with the bad germination rate.  Transplanted beets, red leaf lettuce, pac choi and kales are doing really good, some may even be ready for the first market on June 1!

We also got a 50′ and 100′ caterpillar tunnels delivered.  Instead of going the sod cutter route, I went up and saw “The BCS Guy,” a.k.a. Jordan,  at Carl’s Mower and Saw in Ferndale and got the “Berta” rotary plow.  It is very awesome.  We plowed up the plot that will have the 100′ tunnel (tomatoes, basil and peppers). Now getting the caterpillar tunnel up will be a separate task,  hopefully done sometime the first week in June!

I post lots of pictures on our instagram site present_valley_farm, which you can also see by clicking the instagram button in the top right of the page.


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