Getting Started

I’ve been at Present Valley Farm in Bow for a little over a week now.  There is so much work to do, and I’m getting a bit of a late start but it is all very exciting!  I’ve got a seed starting “room”

This lovely lawn with become garden plots soon (noted by the orange stakes)

set up and planted 24 varieties of tomato, 2 kinds of kale, 2 kinds of lettuce, 1 variety of baby pac choi and 1 variety of scallions.  I’ve got potatoes in the chitting box and onion sets to get planted.  Many seeds and the seeder arrived this week and the sod cutter gets here tomorrow.  I might not have much for the first Bow Farmer’s Market on June 1st, but I should have some baby kale, lettuce, radish and  pac choi at least.  After so many years of planning and learning I can finally say, “I’m living the dream.”  What a present.

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  1. Ann Slade says:

    How exciting! Hope you have a great 1st harvest!

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